Le Grande Cabaret @ The Shelly Room

IMG_4397We enter what appears to be a random comic book store akin to the one we all know from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and make our way through curtains to the back, fairy-lit Shelly Room. Ushered by warm and friendly hosts, seated, drink in hand it occurs to me how perfect this quirky venue is to host cabaret; a hidden gem, inconspicuous from the street and worth putting on your ‘must discover’ list.

Our MC, Andrew Iles was a commanding host as ‘Chante Dumont’ and presided over an evening that spanned from classic burlesque, boylesque, belly dancing and eventually descended into a decadently dark and debauched affair.

Lord Lovat brought two contrasting but equally energetic pieces to the stage. Both of which were cleverly choreographed and executed with control and sass. Tina Joy headlined Saturday night (12th Aug 2017) and performed her ‘Minnie the Moocher’ routine. This classic, made famous from the ‘Blues Brother’s Movie’ received nods and approving grunts from the audience around me within about four counts of starting and Joy delivered with class and sophistication, she is absolutely stunning to watch and an impressive headliner.

Camilla Cream performed two of her classic pieces and fills the stage with so much personality, her love of performing is evident and her energy infectious. Liberty Foxx gave us all some very confused feelings about gorillas….I could elaborate on this but it would be so much more fun for you to see it for yourself. Standouts moments for me: Iles as MC and busting out some seriously impressive vocals and Foxx’s comedic timing.

Review by: Crystal Corocher, Follow Good Vibes Melbourne Media 

Photo Credits: Claire Duncan, Cursed Moon Photography

Le Grande Cabaret is presented by Cherries and Cream productions every second Saturday, monthly at The Shelly Room






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