The Snake Oil Cabaret @ The Shelly Room

The Shelley Room has a vaguely modern-speakeasy vibe as your hosts personally lead you through the well lit front shops to reach the cozy and dimly lit venue past the curtains. The intimate setting and lively music hint at promises of a thrilling night to follow.

Hosts, Cherri and Hannibal, are full of energy and relatable banter through the evening’s entertainment. The night encompasses an exciting variety of acts, from the wink-laced tales, jokes, and songs of Linda Beatie and the multi-faceted talent and charisma of Andrew Iles, to the thrilling humour of Holly Delight Me and tantalizing acts of Ophelia Black. Kitty Obsidian tries hard to steal the show with her infectious love of the stage, but the Snake Oil Cabaret brings together a varied array of talent that simply leaves you spinning if asked to pick a favourite.

Ultimately, the night is glamorous and enthralling, with hardly a moment passing where you can take your grin from your face. The fact that Disney crops up in unexpected and not entirely unwelcome places adds the perfect cherry-on-top to a brilliant performance. The Snake Oil Cabaret is a mesmerizing and wonderful way to spend your next evening, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Review by: Alyssa Baker

Picture Credits: Jeevan Surendran

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