Hi, can I help you? #melbfringe2017

The room fell quiet as Grace, shoe sales assistant extraordinaire, calmly waits for a customer, not just any customer. She’s waiting for you. Her new best friend! She’s been waiting a while and those hours spent waiting in a shoe shop can seem long.

Finally, Grace catches sight of you and welcomes you into her store with open arms and heart. “Hi, Can I help you?” she beams. Ready to bend over backwards to find you exactly what you are looking for as she declares “You could’ve gone to any other comedy cabaret pretending to be a shoe store”. But you didn’t.

Fellow shoppers, browsers and retail fanatics alike -this is the comedy cabaret of shoes you never knew you needed.

Your bubbly shoe sales assistant Grace is so enthusiastic, so sure she can send you on your way with the perfect pair of shoes and a budding new friendship, it seems cruel not to give her the chance. Will you willingly go along for the retail ride of your life or will you skilfully avoid eye contact just as you do in a non-comedy cabaret shoe store?  Just try it and see if Grace can’t catch your attention, she’s very, very persistent.

But Grace is, well full of Grace. She knows only too well that she must treat a customer “better than your mother or the Queen” as she fervently shares through song. There are many songs, original gut wrenching songs that pull you into Grace’s world of shoes and don’t be surprised when you begin to relate to the shoes themselves. You will find yourself wondering just how things will turn out if they spend another night or an eternity on the shelf – or worse…out the back.

Grace will go out the back for you, convinced she will sell you a pair of shoes today. Out the back Grace seeks refuge in the friendship of 2 very special shoes who are a little clingy and frankly too opinionated.

Come for the shoes but stay for the tunes. “Grace”, aka Sophie Banister sings up a storm from her heart of hearts.  The show left this shopper wondering why there are no pianos in her local shoe stores.

Get ready for a night of desperation, friendship, lyrical genius and skillful puppeteering. You may never look at shoes the same way again.

Review by: Tanya Corocher




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