Cabaret Slumber Party by Andrew Iles at The Butterfly Club #Fringe2017

I’m not too proud to admit that I snorted out loud during this show.

Andrew Iles has a narrative style of stand up, he’s comfortable in what becomes a confessional piece of theatre, unashamedly awkward and enviably energetic.

Given the nature of the content, first kisses, first times, career highs and lows, the set -ups should make the punch lines relatively easy to predict – or so you would expect…..

but that wouldn’t lead to the piglet noises and the spontaneous cackle-laughs that filled the downstairs theatre at The Butterfly Club last night.

Iles hits you with the outrageous and the unpredictable and often this is wrapped neatly into re-worked 80s ballads or overhauled musical numbers.

It’s the slumber party your parents didn’t want you to go to because they suspected things might get out of hand.

And they did.

The only regret I have is that on a freezing cold Melbourne night I could have worn a onesie to the theatre (combining two of my great loves in life) and instead had dressed in ‘adult’ clothes – one of only 3 audience members who did.

My advice: Slip into something legitimately comfortable and grab some friends for the slumber party we’ve all been invited to.

Cabaret Slumber Party is playing now at The Butterfly Club 10pm each night through til 1st October – don’t miss this one!


Review by Crystal Corocher

for Good Vibes Melbourne

Pictures: Featured Image – Very happy (and very comfortable) audience members in their onesies.

2 X Images supplied by Andrew Iles


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