Geek Out! Nerdlesque, where pop culture meets burlesque…..


Stepping into Saint Martin’s Place to await the experience of the evening’s show; Geek Out! ‘Nerdlesque’ was an anticipation like no other. The lounge is filled with beautiful antique furniture to curl up with your pre-show drinks, while all available surfaces, from the bar to the tables, have a variety of pop culture figurines and plush toys.

There was tangible excitement in the air as the audience entered the show room, ready to be delighted by the evenings performers, who promised to mix existing entertainment genres in tantalizing new ways.

Our host, Rosie Roulette, quickly established herself as a playful and relatable component of the night’s show. She is simultaneously a cute and quirky ‘girl next door’, and a nerd with surprisingly sexy dance moves. She bounced between welcoming host and talented entertainer the entire night, all the while making you wish she was your best friend, so that you could hang out like this all the time.

The ‘Nerdlesque’ started out with a stunning and talented piece by Camilla Cream, who has undoubtedly left us all with some interesting feelings about Sesame Street. Her performance set the tone of the evening; nothing is off limits, and this unique style of entertainment and showmanship will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The divine Cherri Figjam gave us an extraordinary  werewolf routine, pictured above.

A few pop culture favourites encountered were Poison Ivy (Luna Envy), Link (Ivy Fox), and King Kong (Liberty Foxx), whose turns on stage make you wonder why their characters never capitalized on these talents before tonight. From Poison Ivy’s powerful and sultry singing to King Kong’s obvious love for a great burlesque performance (once you get past the fur!), these passions shouldn’t be hidden anymore.

Game of Thrones also made an appearance, and there were two songs from the night that would easily go platinum if released for public consumption; one, a rewritten version of a classic and fantastic solo performance by Ayden Fuller, and the other an existing cover which was brought new life by the duet of Ayden and Rosie.



Ultimately, the show is a creative and thrilling ride through a new type of entertainment. It is ‘Nerdlesque’, but it is so much more…. It is an evening of fantastic vaudeville, burlesque, and comedic entertainers sharing their passion for all things geeky in a way that no one will ever forget.

With any luck, Melbourne will have more ‘Nerdlesque’ in the future!

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Review By Alyssa Baker

Editor Crystal Corocher: Good Vibes Melbourne

Photographer Jeevan Surendran

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