It’s Not me, It’s Lou @ The Butterfly Club #Melbfringe2017

With the Melbourne Fringe Festival wrapping up on Sunday 1st October, there was just time to sneak in another fabulous show presented by The Butterfly Club – It’s Not Me, It’s Lou.  This delightfully witty, cabaret, “not cabaret” produced and performed by the very talented musical comedian Lou Wall had the audience laughing (even snorting) in their seats from go to woe.

Lou is a millennial. A perennial millennial if you will. Born in the nineties, raised in the noughties she is part of generation described as “entitled, lazy and too connected to the internet.” Lou wasted no time in dispelling this myth…or did she confirm it?!

The stage was perfectly set for a night of dazingly cabaret. The piano at the ready, out came the glittery charismatic Lou striking all the typical poses of a true cabaret diva. A voice over prepared the audience for – a complete hoodwinking as Lou stripped off the sequenced persona and donned a comfy pair of stripy pants and proceeded to share an enthusiastic glimpse into the trials and tribulations of her generation.

To get her message across Lou wrote and performed 8 original songs inspired by 8 real-life Facebook statuses. As a Gen X I thought I had a fair idea as to how hard our younger generations have it trying to survive in our modern world living each day, each moment for a like. But how can I understand when I have recent memories of picking up a landline phone and speaking to my friends without hashtags and without filters?

Lou even took the time to share with us her personal theories on some of life’s greatest mysteries: missing bobby pins – are forming a secret society and will one day rule over humans; missing socks – are actually the lint in your dryer, sock ashes if you will; and the compelling notion that your hard to locate remote control is actually crawling away from you attempting to escape you and your trashy TV habits.

The performance was casual, captivating and LOL funny. Lou demonstrated real lyrical skill in her speedy, witty delivery and refreshing slapstick comedy to boot. I was definitely taken along for the ride and I left looking forward to Lou’s next Facebook statuses in the hope that they might inspire another show of true entertainment.

Review by Tanya Corocher 

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