Edith Piaf – Love, Life, & No Regrets @ The Apollo Theatre, Speakeasy HQ

To walk away with no regrets from Jem ‘Appelle’s tribute to Edith Piaf, you must be fully prepared to dive headlong into an immersive environment of French culture, love, and above all, music. Jem ‘Appelle does not just pay an elegant homage to a talented singer of a bygone era; from the first note, she completely embodies Edith Piaf, through every moment of her life. She ranges from somber to lively, and romantic to cheeky as she tours the life of ‘The Little Sparrow’.

From the moment Jem ‘Appelle enters the room and takes her place in front of the quaint Paris street backdrop, it is obvious you are in for a night of unrivaled entertainment. She opens with the beautiful ‘La Vie en rose’, and from there, you are glued to your seat for the entire show.


Throughout the performance, the audience is treated to tidbits about the life of France’s Edith Piaf. Knowing the background involved in the creation and inspiration of her songs brings an already grounded singer to an even more relatable level.

Jem ‘Appelle sings her way through Edith’s trials with songs like ‘Milord’ and ‘La Foule’. She effortlessly transitions to hopeless romantic with ‘Autumn Leaves’ and ‘Mon’ Dieu’, and porch swing reminiscent with ‘Those Were The Days’. Naturally, she also gives the audience a wonderful performance of ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’ as it was surely meant to be enjoyed: with an excellent chanteuse, and enthusiastic audience, and an intimate venue.


To say that Jem ‘Appelle performs talented renditions of classic Edith Piaf songs is such an understatement as to almost be a falsehood. As she sings, she truly becomes Edith; her passion for this artist and her life are so evident in her performance that you are transported back to a time long gone. Jem ‘Appelle is a marvel onstage, and to miss out on ‘Edith Piaf – Love, Life & No Regrets’ is to miss out on a world of adventure through a talented woman’s timeless imprint on history.


Review by Alyssa Baker 

Pics by Jeevan Surendran

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