Netflix & Chill at 24 Moons bar, Produced by Izzy Bellissima

Netflix and Chill has pervaded pop culture almost as much as the concept of binging show after show is destroying our need to go outside.

After walking up the darkened stairs at the 24 Moons bar you walk through the curtain into a very open space with comfortable couches perfect for a night in front of TV…. based cabaret.

From open to close the Netflix and Chill Cabaret threw itself into its theme putting out hit TV show after hit TV show as interpreted by its performers.

This was a variety show at its core and each routine took us through the bingefest. MC Andrew Iles  took us through the time before Netflix, throwing out jokes about a darker time of DVD’s and video stores. His rapid-fire style of stand up left the audience feeling comfortable through the whole show. The first act up was Miss Holly Wouldn’t  with her Orange is the New Black routine, by pulling an audience member on stage and dressing her up in a police hat and comical moustache she set up the fun for the rest of the show. Her routine was very high energy and full of attitude from a very dynamic performer.

Auroura Flair, pictured above, lit up the stage with fire fans inspired by Vikings. This reviewer as not seen fire fans done this well before. Her movements were mesmerising drawing from different parts of circus arts.

The end of the first act was finished by Billy Ache performing a Twin Peaks routine. It isn’t often you see a dead man wrapped in plastic do burlesque but his mix of performance art, lip synch and boylesque made it a very uncomfortable routine to watch, just as intended. (Our captivating featured image)

Our first non-burlesque act was a TED talk in drag by Louie. They spoke of the dangers of Binge watching and while this felt unrehearsed and ran a little too long, Louie’s lip synching was on point and entertaining to watch.

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Ira Luxuria’s  take on Game of Thrones’ Cersei was revealing as she did the nude walk of shame through the audience, bell ringing nun in tow, and turned the famous scene on its head in a way that was not only in theme but in character.

American Horror Story is honestly one of my favourite shows to binge watch and Izzy Bellissima  knocked it out of the park with an enthralling chair dance, the amount of things this woman can do with a chair is staggering. Cherri Figjam  put the Grimm in Grimm’s fairy tales. This act was burlesque but not quite as you expect as there is a full live transformation on stage; Cherri was a sight to behold.

Sam  and Sam  finished up the show with some amazing original songs in their story of love and loss and the problems with miscommunication of the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’. They were worth the price of admission alone. Both of their voices worked so well together and the storytelling was both funny and engaging all on its own.

It was a great show especially for its first time out of the blocks. If it ever comes back I recommend getting off the couch and watching a whole lot of shows at once on stage.

Review written by Jon Krikstolaitis

Images by Brig Bee

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