Netflix & Chill Cabaret at 24 Moons Bar

The 24 Moons Bar is an unexpectedly spacious venue, with its solid and vaguely industrial layout, which is made more inviting by modern and edgy backlit wall panels and a plethora of comfortable seats. A variety of electronic and indie rock music courses through the air, at a volume guaranteed to build the excitement for the arriving audience.

The MC for the night was Patrick Collins, who provided a brilliant mix of everyday experiences turned into hilarious tales, and pure unadulterated energy. He managed to leave everyone wondering if his role in this cabaret (as he repeatedly mentioned, tougue in cheek) was in fact just sheer happenstance — such was the skill of his goofy stage presence throughout the night.

The audience had gathered to be privy to another showing of Izzy Bellissima’s creation: The Netflix & Chill Cabaret. Explained as an excuse to produce a cabaret laced with everyone’s favourite Netflix shows, it also provided an outlet for any other pop-culture references the performers felt like showcasing. While everyone who took to the stage was talented, there were some performers who stood out, and captivated the audience from the first second.

Our MC Patrick, who naturally took up residence on stage frequently, delighted at every turn. Not only did his comedic banter provide energetic transitions between performances, he also showed us that his talents go above and beyond that of a traditional stand-up comedian.

Izzy Bellissima demonstrated that you can be sexy even when wielding dangerous 12 inch blades for fingers. Her act as Edward Scissorhands made it hard not to sympathize with how difficult and painful it is to disrobe seductively without slicing into something important.

Izzy Bellissima 1

Lily Brûlée’s performance was lively and unique with her overly dramatic expressions and gestures used to tell her story. She combined this with the additions of a bit of acrobatics and dance to create one of the most animated performaces of the night.

Lily Brûlée 2

Camilla Cream entertained us all when she joined the audience as the cynical and angsty Jessica Jones. She was so convincing in this role that it was almost a bit of a surprise when she transitioned to her Camilla persona, complete with her staple feather fans, in all of her luxurious twirling glory.

Boylesque also made a couple of appearances, though most memborably by Lord Lovat. He embodied the definitions of confidence and stage presence, strutting around in sky high platform heels. With his sultry gyrations and tantalizing glimpses of skin, he doubtless left a few previously unquestionably straight male audience members wondering at what they now define as sexy.

Lord Lovat 1.jpg

The final act of the night was comparatively tame, but by no means dull. Ashton Turner’s musical story of a clubgoer-turned-Tinderella-turned stereotypical Netflix consumer, and her relationship exploits, made for the perfect complimentary end for a cabaret such as this. Her story hit home for more people that would want to admit it, highlighting the humour, futility, and repetitive nature of modern relationships.

Overall, the performers and the theme made this cabaret both entertaining and relatable. It was an enjoyable and occasionally messy night, and if the Netflix & Chill Cabaret makes another appearance in Melbourne, it’s worth dropping in on — for the cabaret frequenters and new blood alike.

Review by Alyssa Baker

Pictures by Jeevan Surendran

For Good Vibes Melbourne  

Pictured: Andrew Isles, Aurora Flair, Izzy Bellissima, Lily Brulee, Lord Lovat 

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