Full Blown Adult — Andrew Iles @ Hares & Hyenas for MICF 2018

Andrew Iles’ brand of stand-up comedy is a perfectly relatable adventure in story telling that is presented so naturally that one feels as if they’ve simply spent an evening catching up with that ‘one’ friend who never fails to make everyone laugh. There are definitely points where it is evident that some seriously passionate effort was involved in creating his performance — from an excellent intro clip, to exceptional action figures that are definitely needed ‘in a toy store near you!’. Andrew’s lines and presence are so easy going though, that it feels as if he’s chatting to you, rather than performing a prepared lineup of topics, proving that although he says it took him a while to settle on a career, he clearly chose well.


He spends a portion of the evening explaining, in every colourful way imaginable, what has made him into the adult standing on stage today. The ‘absent father figure’ that many can relate to, plays an ironically influential role in many childhood memories, but he pays nearly equal tribute to a mother just doing what she thought was best for her children. His theme of Full Blown Adult wouldn’t be complete without also deliberating on what so many of the audience members have started to realise defines growing up: that we have all now started judging ‘today’s youth’ instead of being a part of said generation.


Andrew’s ability to find the often self-deprecating humour in so many common events in our pasts is one of the ways he brings the whole audience together — showing us that it is alright to laugh at past troubles and experiences. As an audience member who has previously seen glimpses of his acts from various vaudeville shows and cabarets, this was the ultimate Andrew Iles experience. The crowd at Hares & Hyenas was treated to his performace with no limits. He fit into no one’s neat little description boxes; there was laughter, singing & dancing, toys, dick jokes, and well earned high fives, making this one of the most diverse stand-up performances one could see, especially since there was only one comedian! Whether you have the chance to enjoy a solo act, or simply see his name on the lineup for the next show you see, you will not be disappointed, as his comedy has a little something for everyone.

Review by Alyssa Baker

Pictures by Jeevan Surendran

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