How do you review a show like this? I know that isn’t a great way to start a review but bear with me. You walk into the makeshift theatre to a bright pink curtain full of sparkles and greeted by a very sexualised nurse that would fit perfectly in a Mel Brooks film handing out lollipops. What you see upon entry is the least amount of sexual innuendo in the show. I would love to draw on my years of theatre and movie reviewing to give you a fair comparison as to what I was seeing but this is unique, it is special, it is over the top and fantastic and I can’t speak highly enough of a show that unashamedly puts butt puppetry into pantomime.

Let me explain. The show comes from PO PO MO CO a comedy troupe whose name stands for Post Post Modern Comedy. They sit on the edge of absurdism and jump seamlessly over that line into something new entirely. The troupe have taken the classic vampire story and spun weird voodoo magic to make it an overtly sexualised adventure that explores sexuality with openness without bringing attention to it. My only warning is that this show has a lot of sexual references and simulated sexual acts. Then again, this show is called Nosfer-Arse-Tu: A Cheeky Vampire Pantomime so you knew what you were getting into.
Every member of the cast was on point but the thing that stood out to me was the way they engaged with the audience. As this is a pantomime they encouraged the whole audience to participate, which was done in such a welcoming way that even those tentative guests were yelling by the end.

The closest thing I could compare it to is the Mighty Boosh and that is an unfair assessment as I do not believe it takes any cues from the show, instead it is more about the style of how they handle comedy and what makes people laugh than direct inspiration. Go see it if you can get tickets, it has had a large amount of sold out shows this run, and I can see why. It’s a fringe show in a comedy festival and honestly, something a little different than just one person on a stage with a microphone. Now I have seen it, I may just go and see it again, and then whatever POPOMOCO put on next! As their promotional material has asked – I drank the rainbow kool-aid.

Review by Jon Krikstolaitis
Editor Crystal Corocher
Featured Image supplied MICF

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