Geek Out – Heros and Villains

If you are looking for geeky pop culture performers, boobs, butts and boots – then GEEK OUT nerdlesque is the one for you!

On Friday, I saw their Super hero vs Villains theme night at Saint Martins’ in St Kilda. As a DC and Marvel comics fan I was quite satisfied with how much thought and care the performers put in when portraying their characters. From Camilla Cream’s Jessica Jones’ whiskey bottle to Rosie Roulette’s spot-on Harley Quinn accent/impersonation.

Rosie Roulette as Harley was killer good, the costume was on point. Nailing Harley’s squeaky laugh but also adding her own quick-witted spin. I spoke to Rosie after the show, one question was; why Harley? Rosie mentioned just like her stage name it was a “game of chance” right up to they were conceived on the same day, 1992. Which I must admit made me chuckle a lot.

Not only is Rosie great as a performer, she is also a fantastic MC. I really enjoy MC’S who include audience interaction, in fact I enjoy MC’S who mock audiences – which includes making us in on the joke. I’d pay to see a one woman show of Rosie doing stand-up – I found her energy so engaging and fun. Also! Great dancer and singer…. Her voice is like a sweet flavour of Dolly Parton, but musical theatre style. And her dancing, those are the highest kicks I’ve ever seen. Well done girlfriend looking forward to seeing more of you!

Miss Holly Wouldn’t portrayed Scarecrow in the first act and the infamous robber in the second act (giving those under represented villains some justice!). I was gagging on her Scarecrow costume. I was kind of freaking out… in a good way! I thought the way Holly chose to take pieces off her costume was extremely clever. Instead of the corset and tights and just had layers and layers of clothing tied together, which was very refreshing to watch. I thought taking of the face mask last was a really cool artistic choice.

I love love loved Holly’s entry as Robber. Holly came out with a torch light on the side with the audience When the music played I had no idea where she was until I saw the torch go on – which was a great story telling devise! As that’s how I’d imagine robbers would symbolise. Miss Holly Wouldn’t is someone who I wouldn’t miss. If you are a fan of exciting costumes that are part of telling the story. This performer is for you.

Camilla Cream took it to a different turn. Playing troubled hero Jessica Jones. She came out in a leather jacket, jeans, sneakers and a bottle of whiskey. I can’t relate to anything more than this. Camilla had this cool grunge vibe to her – she reminded me of the burlesque version of Adore Delano. I really admired her attitude on stage, it worked for Jessica Jones. There was something about Camilla’s performance that was just genuine and real, she wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty. Especially when she poured the bottle of whiskey all over her. Camilla also included an element of old school burlesque which were the fans – those fans are not easy to use and she made it look effortless!

Luna Envy literally enchanted me with her voice. I was mesmerised. Her voice is a mix between Adele and Janis Joplin – if Luna would release and album right now I’d go buy it straight away. Luna was Poison Ivy. I couldn’t have asked for anything better when she sang and acoustic version of Toxic by Brittany – because well toxic and Poison Ivy is toxic. Also, that song is just legendary.

Luna and Rosie also work so well together – they did a duet piece towards the end. Luna as Cheetah and Rosie as Wonder Woman. The in sync repeated dance moves throughout the piece were just adorable especially when Cheetah was caught. Just about heightened the level of comedy. This is strange to type but I weirdly enjoyed watching you two rip each other’s clothes off – as it was a demonstration for the fight scenes. The choreographed fight scenes were also great, looked like you guys hit each other from where I was sitting. But by adding on that extra element of surprise gave it more value.

Belial who was DeadPool. Thank you. For rubbing your butt on my chair. I never thought I’d say this ever in my life but now I can. I got butt rubbed by DeadPool. Which is more than fine. Builer is a guy who is just having a ball on stage. You can tell by his funky dance moves.

Belial also worked with Rosie (Harley) as he also played the Joker. I must say that’s one of the best Joker cosplay’s I’ve ever seen – even his joker laugh sounds legit.

Evana DeLune. When I was writing my notes during the show, I didn’t even realise I was writing off the lines because I couldn’t keep my eyes from her. The first thing I wrote down was omg. I was living for every single kick, shoulder roll, sexy glance. This was everything. AND she looks spic spoc to Bettie Page. Evana DeLune’s look was DC superhero magician Zatana. The magic scarf gag was hilarious – especially when pulling 80 scarfs out of a tiny corset. The most spectacular part about Evana when I got the chance to speak to her after the show is that she had only started Burlesque in August last year. Which I would have never guessed because she appeared to be an absolute pro – you’d never know she was a newbie. But also she had danced for 15 years and has done cosplay beforehand. So by that – Evana has a lot to offer. This is one talented lady you have to see.

And finally, Tim. Who Rosie quotes “the glorified stage bitch.” Well done Tim.

I cannot overstate how talented this cast was. You can tell how much effort and thought they put into their performances. But most importantly, I had fun. This show was the most fun I had in a while and I went alone – to be fair I did get to make a couple new friends that I got to sit with. The audience crowd had good vibes and were just supportive to all performers.
I am moat certainly going to see another GEEK OUT show again! These guys are just to good! Their next show is on May the 4th Beta Block party you can only guess what that theme is going to be (star wars.)

Review by Jess Polites
Edited by Crystal Corocher

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