Puffs at The Alex Theatre

The play ‘PUFFS, Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic’ is bound to have you in stitches and casting magic spells! The laugh out loud comedic play showing at The Alex Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne Australia.

A true delight you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see!

PUFFS-08_Keith-Brockett_Eva-Seymour_Ryan-Hawke_Olivia-Charalambous_Rob-Mills_Zenya-Carmellotti_Annabelle-Tudor_Tammy-Weller_Matt-Whitty_previewWithin a 10 minute drive of Melbourne’s CBD you can find your way down to the the theatre for a fun night suitable for friends and family! The moment you walk into the foyer of the theatre you are greeted by reminiscent decorations of magic and wizardry. Not to mention once you are in the actual theatre it feels as though you have stepped through the doors of the Great Hall and before you know it you feel just like a student at a certain school of magic and magic.


The play ‘Puffs’ follows the lives of Hufflepuff students through their seven years of schooling while they become witches and wizards. The play surrounds you by not only letting you reminisce about your favourite Harry Potter films but transports you to a time and place where anything is possible. I think it is through the element of friendship that really brings together the characters in the play. Not only for the play but also for people in the audience watching, it simply unites you as one with the play.


It truly is an experience that needs to be seen to be believed. The cast includes the multi-talented Rob Mills a wonderful addition to the play. This is a change from his musical theatre performances and he truly has a comedic side that people need to witness. He brings his character to life and leaves you wanting more. The cast as a whole work so wonderfully together and I hope to see more of them together and for more people Australia wide to get an opportunity to witness this play and the actors bringing it to life. Also no worries if you haven’t seen the Harry Potter movies.


Whilst I would recommend that you have seen some of the films as it would make more sense with a lot of the references made throughout it isn’t essential as the jokes would still make you laugh out loud. The play truly combines a sense of magic and its Australian twang to the production is also hilarious. You can’t help but feel connected. There is also an element that this play was so highly successful on Broadway and is being represented in Melbourne by Aussie talent. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise then ‘Puffs’ is certainly for you. The exhibition is suitable for people of all ages and there is sure to be an element of the play which excites the magic within you. So make sure to take along a camera and have your phone handy to snap a pic. You definitely won’t regret it. Needless to say the creative team behind ‘Puffs’ have allowed for plenty of Instagram friendly moments!


Review written by:  Brianna Reynolds

Images by: Ben Fon

Make sure to check out PUFFS!



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