Swan Lake at The Princess Theatre

Exquisite. There really is only one word for the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre Co’s production of Swan Lake.

Every other word falls short.

Of course, there is the beauty and opulence one expects of a night at the ballet. But while beauty in its truest meaning is the perception of something as ‘pleasing to the senses or mind aesthetically,’ to call something ‘exquisite’ is to say that not only was it extremely beautiful – it was also intensely felt.

This is ballet at its very best.

You don’t have to be a ballet lover, ballet student or past ballet student, as in my case, to appreciate the athleticism of ballet. Human strength pushed almost to defy belief, yet with a delicacy that, when executed correctly, is ethereal to watch.

Irina Kolesnikova was the essence of this as Prima Ballerina. Her rendition of Odette / Odile is the embodiment of daydreams for ballet students everywhere.

Ballet is a complex pursuit for a dancer. The quest for perfection is addictive – the knowledge that such a thing is forever out of reach; a constant frustration. Because there could always be a more pointed toe, a higher grande jete, a more cohesive pas de deux.

So when I say, Irina Kolesnikova was perfect – it really is what I mean.

swan lake

The corps de ballet was not as tight as others. Perhaps seeing it so early in the show run, we saw dancers who need a little more settling in and rehearsing on the Australian stage. But part of it was also foot work. It in no way detracted from the beauty of the overall performance but there was room to improve synchronicity.

swan lake 3

Overall, this most beloved classic of ballet productions has been staged incredibly well and it is a privilege to see The St. Petersburg Ballet here in Melbourne and at the stunning Princess Theatre. Don’t miss out! Images by Glen Wilson. Tickets

Review by Crystal Corocher for Good Vibes Media


swan lake 2

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