True Colours Cabaret

Without a doubt, the True Colours Cabaret had to be one of the liveliest and most creative shows I’ve seen. The night truly encompassed an array of talents to showcase the wierd and wonderful world of cabaret.

Marilyn Mocktail started things off with a suitably colourful twirling act, before passing the night over to the incredibly energetic MC: Matt Hadgraft.

Marilyn Mocktail 2.jpg

Matt led us through the performances with unmatched eagerness and reckless abandon. I’ve never witnessed more successful audience engagement and involvement from a cabaret.

Matt Hadgraft 1

The night included a varied selection of vocalists, from Matt’s cheeky verses and Sugar St Claire’s raw and scarcastic musical story, to the velvety smooth notes of Esther Rix. There were also a couple of takes on mesmerizing the audience, with the swirls of fabric and lights of Timothy Christopher Ryan being somewhat more successful than that of the comedic toilet paper tosses from Matt and a willing audience member.

Esther Rix 2.jpg

Rosie Roulette, Queen Bea, and Carletta the Great all offered up acts that highlighted their own creativity as individuals and their ability to experiment  with ideas on a stage.

The two stand-out performances were from Ana Diction and Justin Teliqure, both with equally captivating acts – though wildly different. Ana Diction was poised and delicate throughout, crafting an aura of a bygone era with every seductive glimpse of legs through feathered fans. Closing the show with colour and precise choregraphy was Justin Teliqure who, while exhibiting a fantastic stage presence, managed to nail every move and lip synch every word to the rap song that tied everything together.

Justin Teliqure 2.jpg

The True Colours Cabaret was one of the most engaging and varied shows you could choose to see. It truly captured the spirit of Pride. Pride in who we all are inside and out. Pride in loving ourselves. Pride in showing our True Colours to the world. Or at least to a small crowd at a time!

Esther Rix 1.jpg

The next True Colours Cabaret is just around the on OCT 12 –  you won’t want to miss it!

Get your tix here now!

Review written by Alyssa Baker

Images by Jeevan Surendran

Featured Image: Rosie Roulette Matt Hadgraft , Marilyn Mocktail, Esther Rix, Justin Teliqure


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